Ski Mountaineering

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Ski mountaineering is an open door for possibilities

An opportunity to access new terrain and unpacked powder

skip the ski lift lines and crowds and ‘earn your turns’


While very popular across Europe, ski mountaineering is just now gaining traction in North America.  It’s a heavy endurance activity that requires you to ski or climb up a hill with the intent of descending on skis.  


Intrigued?  Great – Let’s talk gear!


We focus on ultralight skis that excel on climbs and are easier to handle when performing quick turns.  In ski mountaineering, lighter gear means less weight to haul up the hill and less fatigue.  

Skimo boot design offers a wide range of mobility for traversing and climbing uphill while providing stability during the descent.  Adjustable cuffs offer more forward movement when hiking uphill; they are lighter and more flexible than alpine boots.  

The bindings are also similarly designed to offer freedom of movement and stability.  While securing the toe firmly to the binding, a pivoting device frees the heel, which allows for a wide range of motion during the traverse and ascent. Then, the bindings clamp the back of the heel to the ski to ensure stable descent, as with alpine bindings. 

Finally, mohair skins will get you to the peak – they compress during a climb, which allows for good glide up a mountain while providing backwards friction to prevent you from sliding back.


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