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Vauhti Pure Race/LDR

Vauhti Pure Race/LDR

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Maximum performance has come to the fluoro-free waxing world. The PURE RACE liquid wax is the best Vauhti has to offer in terms of liquid waxes for old, or artificial snow. PURE RACE fluoro-free liquid glide waxes are processed in two steps. First powder-form raw materials are homogenized and then processed in organic solvents to give high-performance liquids in racing skiing. High-quality hydrocarbon ingredients, zinc stearate and silicon wax gives excellence performance and good durability to the products in all weather conditions. Especially for old and artificial snow. PURE RACE LDR NEW SNOW Liquid is for variable and changing conditions. It is usually used as a top coat for base paraffins or powders, but can also be used as a base wax on its own.

    • Comes in a 80mL bottle with a anti-leak foam dabber.
    • These liquids take about 15min to dry before you can begin brushing off excess residue and applying your next coat. Try to apply these waxes the night before for extra durability. The wax continues to cure the longer it sits on the base.
    • Fluoro-free!
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