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Vauhti Pure Race Grip Wax

Vauhti Pure Race Grip Wax

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PURE RED (old snow)  +3/-1°C I 37/30°F for wet & coarse snow, suitable for coating klisters. Works also when tracks are icy up to -10°C.

PRO LDR (old snow) 0/-10°C I 32/14°F   Universal wax for coarse old and artificial snow, suitable for coating klisters. Good grip properties, but also very fast grip.

PRO BLUE (old snow) -5/-20°C I 41/-4°F for dry old & artificial snow, hard content makes it very fast but without losing the grip.

PRO WHITE (new snow) +3/-3°C | 37/27°F for wet & damp fine grained snow. Good also in mixed snow conditions when there is a risk of icing.

PRO PINK (new snow) -1/-5°C | 30/23°F for dry & fine grained falling snow, suitable for coating LDR klister when there is a risk of icing.

PRO VIOLET (new snow) -2/-7°C | 28/19°F for shiny tracks with fine grained snow.

PRO GREEN (new snow) -5/-20°C | 23/-4°F for cold natural snow conditions.

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