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Vauhti Pure Grip Wax

Vauhti Pure Grip Wax

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PURE PRO grip waxes are especially for new, natural and fine snow. Thanks to the new additives glide properties are much better than with the traditional synthetic grip waxes.

PRO GREEN -5/-20°C | 23/-4°F for cold natural snow conditions.

PRO WHITE +3/-3°C | 37/27°F for wet & damp fine grained snow. Good also in mixed snow conditions when there is a risk of icing.

PRO PINK -1/-5°C | 30/23°F for dry & fine grained falling snow, suitable for coating LDR klister when there is a risk of icing.

PRO VIOLET -2/-7°C | 28/19°F for shiny tracks with fine grained snow.

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