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Vauhti GW Polar

Vauhti GW Polar

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Package sizes: 80ml
Operating range: -5C/-25C

Vauhti`s Pace Line of waxes for all tiers of skiing. Entry-level liquid glide wax for those new to taking care of your trusty skis. An economical, easy-to-apply liquid wax for temperatures below -5C. A non fluoro paraffin glide wax in liquid form so you can apply quickly without an iron or bench. For all snow types on cold conditions.

Instructions for liquid glides:

    • Comes in a 80mL bottle with a anti-leak foam dabber.
    • These liquids take about 15min to dry before you can begin brushing off excess residue and applying your next coat. Try to apply these waxes the night before for extra durability. The wax continues to cure the longer it sits on the base.
    • Fluoro-free!
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