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MyFloat Inflatable Dry Bag

MyFloat Inflatable Dry Bag

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MyFloat is an inflatable dry bag for beach swimming, snorkeling and boating, that easily attaches to you and keeps your stuff dry. MyFloat increases your visibility to all watercraft and is always with you in case of emergency.
Hate figuring out what do with your stuff when you want to go on a swim ? MyFloat can hold as little, or as you want and is completely watertight. MyFloat isn't just something you have to keep in your backpack, waiting to be taken out for when you go in the water. It's made to be a bag all of it's own. Designed to keep you highly visible in the water. It's bright yellow colour, size, and shape are all key factors in making sure that all types of watercraft see you. Never worry about collision with boats again, but it’s not designed as a PFD or lifesaving device.

  • Made out of durable PVC, with extra-reinforced handles, seam, and loop.
  • Yellow colour and dive symbol for visibility and safety.
  • Streamlined shape follows behind you with minimal drag.
  • 2 air chambers keep it floating high in the water. Valve lets you add air without letting water in.
  • Dry bag style rolltop closure keeps contents dry (not designed for prolonged submersion but does just fine floating on the surface).
  • Adjustable strap works as a shoulder strap on land or as a belt in the water. Ideal location is floating near your knees so it doesn't get tangled in your legs as you kick.
  • Reinforced handles.
  • Inflated dimensions are 50 x 19cm. Flat dimensions are 55 x 36cm.
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