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Mashus Redline 3.0 Skate F3

Mashus Redline 3.0 Skate F3

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The Madshus Redline 3.0 Skate F3 ski is an advancement not only in ski technology but in re-thinking what test values should be used in manufacturing and selecting a top cross country racing ski. Old thinking was selection based on static measurements of ski stiffness, the RED 3.0 designs are based on a ski’s camber shape and height under different loads. Dynamic skiing qualities are now the determining factor. There are two models available, the F2 and F3, and while it may seem that they are niche skis in reality either one could be an all-arounder depending on a skier’s prevailing conditions. The F2 is supposedly for harder conditions that reward a long glide phase while the F3 is for slower and softer conditions. Keep in mind a skier’s technical focus and the distinction blurs. The marathon skier with a focus on standing on a gliding ski for a long time might prefer the F2 as their primary ski in all conditions, while the sprint skier who with a very high tempo would likely prefer the acceleration of the F3. No bad choices, here.

  • Sizing selected by ski length/body weight in kg
  • F3 has a lower resting camber and shorter contact zones
  • Groove in only the back portion aid in flat-to-edge transitions
  • NIS binding plate accepts most Rottefella NIS bindings
  • Sidecut of 41-44-44mm
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