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Alpina Elite 3.0 Classic

Alpina Elite 3.0 Classic

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Alpina Elite 3.0 Classic was was made to bring out your best. Alpina equipped it with full carbon cuffs, carbon active edge, 4DRY, and made the interior lining from non-PVC materials. It's also slimmer and lighter than ever with an even greater fit and reinforced torsional stability. Let your foot breathe as you reach for greatness! A braid angle of 45 Degrees relative to the longitudinal direction of the shoe improves the torsional stability of the soft part of the shoe. This ensures a tight fit between the shoe and the foot in the rotation phase of the shoe toward the inner side when skiing the skating technique. The top quality 4DRY material provides water resistance and breathability, making sure that humidity is transported from the inside out, keeping the feet dry and warm. A special, anatomically designed footbed composed of three different materials assures a perfect fit and even distribution of force.

Behind Elite 3.0 hides the lightest and most responsive cross-country ski boots in the world. For the first time in the world of nordic ski racing the circulation of air enables the foot to remain dry and keeps the power kick at maximum. They are more environmentally friendly too since they are the first boots made without the use of PVC materials and replacing them with more eco-friendly solutions. The Elite 3.0 design was developed by listening closely to top-level racers. And they already gave Alpina the best answer - Stina Nilsson, Linn Svahn, Hans Christer Holund and many others who have already won gold medals in world-class competitions in Alpina’s award-winning shoes.

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