Note: Cassette not included

Direct drive trainer: This means you remove your rear wheel
Flywheel: It has a virtual flywheel up to 125kg, the largest of any trainer on the market.
Downhill Drive: This is one of only a handful of trainers that drives the rear ‘wheel’ forward while going down hills, thus simulating descending inertia.
Cassette: Not included.
Sound: Identical to the original NEO, essentially silent. Only the sound of your drivetrain is heard, and a very faint hum of internal fans/electronics.
Handle and Folding: This unit lacks a handle, which continues to make it slightly awkward to move around. It does have foldable legs though for easy storage.
Protocol Compatibility: ANT+ FE-C, ANT+ Power, Bluetooth Smart Trainer Control, Bluetooth Smart Power
App Compatibility: Every app out there basically (Zwift, TrainerRoad, Rouvy, Road Grand Tours, SufferFest, Kinomap, etc…)
Skewer Compatibility: All the skewers and adapters you could ask for: Road 130mm, MTB 135mm, 142x12mm, 148x12mm
Max Incline: 25% simulated grade, the highest of any trainer out there
Max Wattage: 2,200 watts resistance
Stated Accuracy: < +/-1%
Power Cable Required: No, it can operate powered or standalone sans-power.


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