If you’re looking for the best-handling, fastest-climbing, smoothest-riding road racing bike in the world, you’ve found it.

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You want the stiffest, lightest, most high-performance road bike in the world.


You’re looking to save some cash, perhaps for a fresh helmet, shoes, and kit to go with your new bike. If so, check out the FR | Advanced line. These bikes feature the same great handling and ride quality, along with component selections finely curated for performance and value, all in a package that won’t have you digging into the kids’ college savings account.


  • Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 electronic groupset
  • Shimano Dura-Ace C40 carbon wheels
  • Part of our FRD collection

The FR represents one half of the ideal union between bike and rider. Free of excess, it was painstakingly and obsessively honed for the needs of the most committed road cyclists, in order to win battles of will, attrition, and tactics on any racecourse. When you strip away unnecessary indulgences and gimmicks, all that is left is pure performance, embodied in a bike that is an extension of you.

The FR is the world’s best-performing platform for all road racing conditions. And the FR FRD, specifically, is the Ultimate extension of Felt's passion for performance, as well as our commitment to providing riders with the very best materials and workmanship available. The FR FRD is crafted from two unique types of carbon fibers. UHC (“Ultra Hybrid Carbon”) Ultimate fiber is amongst the highest-modulus in the world of composites, meaning that it’s incredibly stiff to maximize pedaling efficiency and handling feedback. In addition to bicycles, TeXtreme is also utilized in the aerospace industry and on Formula One race cars to both add strength to a structure, as well as reduce its weight relative to alternative composite options. But just like how the finest food ingredients demand the skills of a master chef, these materials require unparalleled engineering expertise to yield a truly exquisite experience.

FRD stands for “Felt Racing Development.” It’s more than a fancy acronym, and it represents so much more than only three words can convey. It’s a badge of honor that Felt only bestows upon the most advanced bicycle framesets that emerge from their laboratory. It’s a declaration that Felt unshackled their mad scientists and engineering virtuosos to create something unhindered by the expense of materials, the confines of tight testing and development durations, or the limits of what’s come before.

There’s no better way to complement the performance credentials and the unbridled spirit of class-leading innovation of the FR FRD than with a full Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 component kit. The Japanese company’s Dura-Ace marque has always epitomized the very best in shifting and braking performance, along with exceptional reliability and the lightest weights possible. Shimano’s Di2 electronic shifting has been ridden to countless world championships and grand tour victories, and has proven its dependability in every riding condition on planet earth. Likewise, disc brakes are the new standard in road bike performance technology, and we gave the FR FRD the best of the best in the form of Shimano’s Dura-Ace hydraulic stoppers. The company’s latest Dura-Ace C40 carbon, tubeless-ready wheels, at 40mm deep, hit the sweet spot to complement the FR FRD’s all-around prowess, giving the bike an aerodynamic edge on the flats yet retaining plenty of snap for uphill accelerations. Plus, they roll like a dream.

Now, the question is, are you ready to experience the very best road bike on the planet?




MODELFR FRD | Ultimate | Dura-Ace Di2MARKETGlobal
PRICE$ 16499FINISHMatte TeXtreme (White, Blue)
SIZES7 | 43, 47, 51, 54, 56, 58, 61cmFRAMEFeltRoad 3.0 | UHC Ultimate + TeXtreme carbon fiber
BRAKE TYPE, REARDisc, Flat Mount | 25mm thickness, Ø140mm minimum rotorDERAILLEUR HANGER TYPE, FRONTBrazed-On | integrated backup plate, non-replaceable, aluminum
DERAILLEUR HANGER TYPE, REARStandard Mount | TA 12x142 road, replaceable, aluminumHEAD-TUBE TYPEFelt ControlTaper | 43, 47cm: 1.125" / 51, 54cm: 1.125-1.25" / 56, 58, 61cm: 1.125-1.5"
PROTECTOR TYPEFelt ChainPlate for chain suck protection / Clear vinyl for chain slap protectionROUTING TYPEConvertible | internal for electronic or external for mechanical
SEAT POST / CLAMP TYPEStandard | 27.2mm post, 30.6mm clamp / 7075 CNC aluminum, titanium bolt, scandium nut-barWHEEL TYPE700c
TIRE MAX (CLEARANCE)28mm (4mm)FORKFelt Road 3.0 | UHC Advanced + TeXtreme carbon fiber
HEADSET43, 47cm: IS (IS-2) / 51, 54cm: IS (NO.44) / 56, 58, 61cm: IS (NO.42)AXLE, FRONTTA 12x100
AXLE, REARTA 12x142FORK TECHNOLOGIESMonocoque construction / Integrated crown race
BRAKE TYPE, FRONTDisc, Flat Mount | Ø140mm minimum rotorFORK OFFSET43, 47cm: 52mm / 51, 54cm: 47mm / 56, 58, 61cm: 43mm
HEADSET SPECIFICATIONTop Cap: Felt carbon fiber / Top Cover: FSA carbon fiber / Bearings: FSA SL integrated sealed cartridge / Spacers: FSA carbon fiber (10mm, 2x5mm) / Compression Device: Felt for carbon steerer tube / Crown Race: fork integratedAXLE, FRONT SPECIFICATIONDevox AxleTA 128.5 | 123mm + 5.5mm head, M12 x 1.5P x 16mm, Switch lever compatible
AXLE, REAR SPECIFICATIONDevox AxleTA 170-7 L | 163mm + 7mm head, M12 x P1.0 x 19mm for Syntace X-12, with SL02 Switch hollow leverSPEED2x11-speed
SHIFTERSShimano Dura-Ace Di2 R9170DERAILLEUR, FRONTShimano Dura-Ace R9150 Di2, braze-on
DERAILLEUR, REARShimano Dura-Ace R9150 Di2, short cageCRANKShimano Dura-Ace R9100, 52/36T
BOTTOM BRACKETCeramicSpeed EVO386 for Shimano RoadCASSETTEShimano Dura-Ace R9100, 11-28T
CHAINShimano Dura-Ace HG901CRANK LENGTH43, 47cm: 167.5mm / 51cm: 170mm / 54, 56cm: 172.5mm / 58, 61cm: 175mm
BRAKE CALIPERSShimano Dura-Ace R9170, hydraulic disc, flat mountBRAKE ROTORSShimano Dura-Ace RT900, Center Lock, 160/140mm
WHEELSShimano Dura-Ace R9170 C40, TubelessTIRESContinental Grand Prix 5000 TL, 700x25c
GRIPS / TAPEFelt VelvetGel tape with 3M reflective base and Felt Bubble-Tech F-Wing bar end plugsHANDLEBAR WIDTH43, 47, 51cm: 40cm / 54, 56cm: 42cm / 58, 61cm: 44cm
STEM LENGTH43cm: 80mm / 47, 51cm: 90mm / 54, 56cm: 100mm / 58cm: 110mm / 61cm: 120mmSEATPOSTPRO Vibe Carbon, 20mm
SADDLEPrologo Dimension 143 NackEXTRASShimano SM-BCR2 battery charger / Shimano hose fitting kit (2x olives and connector inserts) / Shimano tubeless valve stems / Carbon assembly paste
WEIGHT15.2 lb, 6.91 kgWEIGHT DISCLAIMERThe most accurate way to determine a product's weight is to have your local dealer weigh it for you. Because we understand that weight is an important metric, we strive to list it when possible. When listed, weight is based on a single sample in a specific size and with all items as shown in the photo. It is not an exact indication of what your bike or frame will weigh, as there are tolerances in many variables involved (size, finish, hardware, components, and accessories). Felt continues to be an industry leader in weight and performance.


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