*We do not install parts purchased elsewhere

Service level 1 Tune-up

Approx after four months or 1200km of riding
  • Gears and brakes adjust
  • Chain clean and lubricate
  • tires inspect and inflate
  • Wheel truing, minor (on bike)
  • Frame wipe down
  • Safety check
  • -*Installation of parts -*Parts cost not included

Service level 2 Drive-train flush

performed every year or 2500km of riding
  • Service level 1 Tune-up plus...
  • Drive train components removed and cleaned (off bike)
  • Frame and fork cleaned
  • Bottom bracket removed and threads greased
  • Wheel truing (off bike)
  • -*Installation of parts -*Parts cost not included

Service level 3 Full overhaul

Performed every 2 years or 5000km of riding
  • Service level 3 Drive train flush plus...
  • Bike is fully stripped down to bare frame, cleaned and rebuilt
  • Head set cleaned and repacked with grease
  • Hubs front and rear cleaned and repacked with grease
  • New bearings, cables and housing kit installed
  • Hydraulic brake bleed if applicable
  • -*Installation of parts -*Parts cost not included

Copy of Bike Services

Flat tire repair

Flat tire repair $12.00
Flat tire repair rear–internal hub and/or enclosed drivetrain $20.00
Tubeless tire install* $20.00

Accessory install

Handlebar tape install * $10.00
Fender install * $20.00
Rack install* $15.00
Computer install * $15.00
*Items not purchased at Euro-Sports


Gear adjust-mechanical $15.00
Gear adjust -electronic $20.00
Brake adjust-rim brakes, mechanical disc $20.00
Headset adjust $20.00
Hub adjust front $15.00
Hub adjust rear $20.00
Wheel truing- minor truing-tire on $20.00


Labour rates

Hydraulic brake bleed- each brake $25.00 minimum
Headset install $30.00
Headset overhaul $35.00
Bottom bracket install-cartridge $25.00
Bottom bracket cartridge bearings $25.00
Hub overhaul conventional bearings  -each hub $25.00
Hub cartridge bearing replace-each hub $30.00
Wheel build aluminum rim $50.00
Wheel build carbon rim $70.00
Freehub body replace $25.00
Fork-steer tube cut to length $25.00
Fork install (includes steer tube cutting) $40.00
Pedal- tap threads $15.00
Bottom bracket-tap threads $25.00

Bike assembly

Bike boxing for shipping $60.00
Bike assembly (new or used) $70.00 minimum
Bike-strip to frame $60.00
Bike-bare frame rebuild $200.00
Bike-bare frame rebuild electronic $275.00